Dr Greens One Drop Cleansing Softgel

Dr Greens One Drop Cleansing Softgel

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Dr. Green's One Drop Cleansing Softgel is a safe, natural effective product that is an important part of the detox process.
One Drop will remove all the toxins your body is exposed to on a daily basis. 

One capsule has the strength of three 16 oz. liquid drinks.

FOR BEST RESULTS USING Dr. Green's One Drop Cleansing Softgel:

Avoid toxins for 72 hours prior to use.
Do not eat or drink 3 hours prior to use.
Urinate 2-4 times prior to taking softgel.
Take enclosed softgel with 48 oz. of water.
Do not drink more than 16 oz. of water per hour after taking softgel.
Softgel takes 45 minutes to take effect
Effects last for 4-6 hours.