Grenco Science (Taylor Gang Edition) MicroG pen

Grenco Science (Taylor Gang Edition) MicroG pen

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We partnered up with Wiz Khalifa’s independent record label / music production group / management firm, Taylor Gang, and did the unthinkable by physically launching the customized microG 114,343 feet into the atmosphere, breaking through the stratosphere & becoming the 1st vaporizer in space. Wiz Khalifa & The Taylor Gang (which includes Ty Dolla $ign, Berner, Sledgren, Chevy Woods, Tuki Carter, J.R. Donato, Courtney Noelle & more) are long time users of G Pen products & stated that the collaboration “only made sense”.

Kit Includes

1 Rechargeable MicroG Battery

1 MicroG mouthpiece

2 MicroG  tanks

2 MicroG herbal tank

5 Micro Mouthpiece Sleeves

1 MicroG tool

1 MicroG 5-pin wired USB charger

1 Taylor gang patch

1 Grenco Science patch